Barry L Shoop

2016 IEEE President

Questions & Answers

1. What do you believe are the major issues facing the IEEE?
Fundamentally, we need to increase the value of IEEE for our members, the profession and the public. We need tailored tools, products and services – with a focus on practitioners; we need to increase the recognition, prestige and influence of our profession; strengthen brand recognition, influence public policy worldwide and help young people consider engineering, computing and technology for future careers. We need to create an IEEE for the 21st Century – expand globally, seeking members in all regions; create new modalities of knowledge distribution – deliver knowledge rather than information. Finally, create a structure and culture of innovation; proactively identify new markets and potentially disruptive innovations; build strategic partnerships. 

2. What do you think is the number one goal for IEEE leadership?
We need to develop tailored tools, products and services – continuing education; application workshops, conferences and journals; integrating social networking and collaboration tools with information discovery platforms — supporting professional growth and career security. Our focus on peer-reviewed archival journal papers needs to expand to embrace new information distribution and sharing modalities – new modalities of knowledge distribution – combining papers with videos, databases, simulation tools, wikis and others to create and deliver knowledge rather than more information. These individualized tools, products and services must maintain the high standard of IEEE quality and provide value to all – especially our practitioners – without adding to costs. 

3. What qualifies you for the job?
As VP-MGA I have travelled the world and listened to our members. I understand the issues and what members want from their professional society. I have over 20 years of key leadership experiences in IEEE and diverse leadership experience in other professional societies and the US military. I am a collaborative leader - I listen to people, understand the issues and can bring diverse groups to consensus. I have led change in the IEEE by focusing on the member, developed products for the practitioner, and improved our strategic positioning. I have a vision and plan to improve IEEE even more.

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