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2016 IEEE President

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Barry L. Shoop - GHN: IEEE Global History Network

Barry L. Shoop has made contributions across the breadth of IEEE that have changed the very fabric of its operations and governance, from local geographic units to the Board of Directors. His strategic vision has allowed him to lead the way to revolutionary changes within IEEE in the way IEEE thinks…

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More important than the list of positions I have held in IEEE is what I have done for IEEE in those positions. The following highlights just a few of the contributions I have made to the IEEE.


As Vice-President of MGA I developed the Regional Geographic Strategy, a data-driven methodology and prioritized strategy to engage in mature, under-represented and emerging markets, world-wide. This methodology focuses on unique circumstances and commonality of the local geographic region to improve membership value and drive recruitment and retention. As an application, I developed the Region 1-6 Strategy to address the membership decline in Region 1-6. This strategy was approved and funded by the IEEE Board of Directors. One of the major successes of this strategy is the Metropolitan Area Workshops which is a unique collaboration between multiple IEEE organizational units to provide professional education and certification that will equip members to compete in an increasingly challenging job market. 

  • The goal of the Metropolitan Area Workshops is to increase member engagement and provide value to IEEE members and their local community by providing career assistance, professional networking and education on technology changes.

  • The target audience is the practioner – practicing engineers and technical professionals who are innovators, have a desire to learn more, and/or are in career transition or considering a career change.

  • The content addresses emerging technologies that are in demand within the local geographic area. Example topics include, but are not limited to, Cloud Computing, Smart Grid, Software Engineering, Mobile Application Development and Electric Vehicle Technology.


As the 2008–2009 IEEE Secretary and Chair of the IEEE Governance Committee, I led the transformation of the Governance Committee from being a Bylaws Committee to one positioned to help make the entire IEEE governance structure more efficient and effective. 


In 2008, I served as the Chair of the Business Management System (BMS) Ad Hoc Committee which helped the Board of Directors understand the state of the BMS Project, make recommendations on how to improve the system, and develop a retrospect of the entire project. This effort resulted in providing recommendations that guided the development of IBP, a new IT business platform that will better support the entire Institute. Additionally, recommendations from the BMS Ad Hoc Committee resulted in changes of the entire IEEE IT Enterprise, including structure, governance, and architecture. 


From 2006–2007, I served as the Chair of the RAB Enterprise Engineering Project Ad Hoc Committee which transformed Regional Activities (RAB) into the new Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) – one of the largest IEEE transformations in recent history. This transformation has fundamentally changed the way IEEE engages with the member. 


As Region 1 Director, I made the Region 1 Board of Governors a more efficient and effective governing body. By streamlining the reporting structure and focusing on important and strategic issues, we were able to make the governance more effective thereby positioning the Region to better support the activities of the Sections and the members. As Region 1 Director-

Elect, I led the transformation of the Annual Region 1 Summer Training Workshop into a Leadership Workshop – one that more effectively developed the entire Region 1 Leadership Team.



I have lectured extensively throughout the world on the subject of effective leadership. In 2009 I wrote an e-Book entitled “A Practitioner’s Guide to Leadership” published by IEEE-USA. In 2010 I authored An Introduction to Leadership: A Primer for the Practitioner for the IEEE eLearning Library.

Barry's book "Launching Your Career: A Practitioners Guide to Leadership" is a brilliant, concise (32 page) book with good advice for professionals at all levels. ‒ Don Herres

2013 IEEE Haraden Pratt Award citation:


For vision and leadership in improving IEEE operations and governance, and for building a stronger foundation for IEEE’s strategic future

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