Barry L Shoop

2016 IEEE President


Barry Shoop was Vice-President IEEE MGA during the period I was Director of Region 7. During this period I had the chance to observe Barry and noticed that he has a direct, no nonsense style of management.

He had full control of what was going on.  As MGA was still in its early stages of developing its role, Barry took a leadership role in establishing the MGA vision and action plan vis-à-vis IEEE Members and IEEE Geographic Activities.

Based on my experience of working with Barry, I can say that, as IEEE President, Barry will lead IEEE to newer heights in accomplishing its goals.


Om Malik
Director, IEEE Region 7 and President, IEEE Canada, 2010-2011.


I had the extraordinary experience of working for Dr. Barry Shoop from 2003 - 2005 when he was the Electrical Engineering Program Director at West Point and I was one of his assistant professors. Barry led by example – as an outstanding educator and researcher - and by direct action, creating an environment in which his professors and instructors could each grow professionally and personally. His volunteerism with IEEE inspired many of us to increase our participation and attain senior membership. His work with the Electrical Engineering students as a group was inspiring to all – educating and mentoring our future adult leaders in engineering specifics and social responsibilities. It was clear then, as now, that Barry has a very well developed vision for the role of IEEE as a premier world-wide technology organization that serves its members and all of society.

I am thrilled to be able to endorse Dr. Barry Shoop for President of IEEE (2016).

David Barlow

Senior Member

IEEE Region 8

Sindelfingen, Germany

Barry is a strategic thinker and a strong communicator.  I knew Barry when we were on the Regional Activities Board in 2006 when he was the Region 1 Director.  At that time, Barry spearheaded the transformation of RAB to MGA.  His contribution was key to enable the conceptualization and smooth transition.  He possesses global perspective on the needs of the members and is able to relate well with members from all walks of life.


I believe he will make an excellent IEEE President to take on further global strategic transformation if elected to the role.


Darrel Chong, Ph.D.
IEEE Senior Member
R10 Membership Activities, Vice Chair, 2013-2014
R10 Secretary, 2011-2012
MGA SAC Chair, 2011-2012
RAB GOLD Chair, 2006
R10 Student Representative, 2003-2004

I had the honor and privilege of working with Barry for a few years.  Before moving to California in 2012, I lived in the Mid-Hudson Section, which is also Barry's home section.  I have known Barry in many different roles, as local section volunteer, Region-1 Director and as MGA Vice President.  I have always admired his dedication and his leadership style.  He has the right vision and both the depth and breadth to lead IEEE as its President.  He encourages innovation and welcomes new ideas.  He has the unique ability to pay close attention to details and yet maintain a very high level vision to guide and lead the team.

I fully support and endorse Barry for IEEE President.

Ravi Todi
IEEE Region 6

I have known Barry since 2009 when we participated in the IEEE Member Geographic Activities (MGA) Board meetings. I had the honor and pleasure to work with Barry when he was the immediate past VP-MGA and I was the Region 10 Director-Elect then. When he was VP-MGA, Barry was instrumental in charting the direction of the regional geographic strategy with the focus on providing individualized products and services to members in order to bring increased value. The Metropolitan Area Workshop series was also originally developed during his VP-MGA tenure.

Barry is an excellent strategist with a clear vision coupled with a systematic and consultative approach to execution. He is a collaborative leader who brings together diverse members and constituents and have had tremendous success in moving these groups forward to an ultimate decision - always in the best interest of IEEE, our members and our profession. These are qualities of a good and effective leader.

I enthusiastically endorse Barry and wish him all the best.

Lawrence W.C. Wong

2011-2012 IEEE Region 10 Director
2013-2014 VC-Strategic Management & Analysis, IEEE MGA


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